October 9, 2020

Support for Connecting Threads from MERYC England

by Zoe Greenhalgh in News

Connection has been very important throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Note Weavers have been working hard to ensure that we can remain connected to the Early Years music community here in the North West. For everyone working in EY music this has been a particularly tough time and being able to reach out to our colleagues in the region has been very important.  We have done this in two ways:

  • Connecting Threads: In July Note Weavers launched Connecting Threads a networking support page specifically for people working in EY music in the North West. Through this page people have been engaging with each other over a wide range of topics that are important to us; ideas on current practice, online session insurance, song sharing, government guidelines and links to pertinent webinars and courses.
  • Note Weavers online events: In August Note Weavers learnt that we had been successful in our bid for a TeachMeet grant from MERYC-England. A “Teachmeet” is an organised, informal meeting to share good practice and we have used the grant to subscribe to a video conferencing service which has enabled us to reach the North West EY music community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Note Weavers has already had two open to all sessions, offering support, CPD and a discussion forum, with two further sessions in the pipeline around face to face class teaching and SEND.

Feedback has been positive with practitioners feeling supported and enjoying being able to meet others in the same situation in our area.

As we do not currently know when things will be able to get back to normal both Connecting Threads and Note Weavers Online will continue to be vital in reaching and connecting with music practitioners in the North West.  Further information can be found on the Connecting Threads page here