November 11, 2019

Musical Literacies: Note Weavers on the Early Years Autumn Summit

by Zoe Greenhalgh in News

In October Kathy Brodie recorded an interview with Zoe on the Early Years Autumn Summit on Literacies.

Other interviews on literacies from the summit are available here. Speakers include: Alistair Bryce-Clegg, Dr Brynn Welch, Katrice Horsely. Sonia Mainstone-Cotton, Greg Bottrill, Elaine Bennett, Jo Meakin, Molly Potter, Prof Susan Neuman, Zoe Greenhalgh, Ann Baker, Emma Hutchinson, Dr Lala Manners, Connie Bergstein Dow, Sharon Skade, Sandi Phoenix, Julie Cigman, Alison Featherbe, Tamsin Grimmer and Barbara Schindelhauer.